What is The Thickness of a Business Card


Among the few important things that are decided before printing a business, visiting or an event card, its thickness is considered as one vital aspect, not just its quality but its aesthetic appeal also depends on getting the thickness right and usually business card’s thickness is similar to a flyer or a brochure which is between 14pt to 16pt, this is the perfect thickness no matter what type of paper material you use, paper weight and stock types also play a part in what sort of card you are going to get at the end.

Metal Kards

Metal cards, paper stock cards and cards made with other materials are also very common all over the world, people not just use these as visiting or business cards but also for events such as birthdays, wedding and anniversaries, so there is a huge market for different types of cards and if you are selecting something uncustomary then do so with great confidence because the essence of a card is to stand out and be different, whether it is the color, content or the actual material that you use, it is best that your card looks different.

For a first timer, it might be tricky to get every decision spot on but honestly one doesn’t have to make all these choices alone, what they have to do is just search for the right service provider by putting in the right filters and they take care of all these things, my search for a unique visiting and a birthday card took from one vendor to another and then I found Metal Kards and since then they have been my go-to place whenever I need to print amazing cards, they deliver nation-wide.

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