What are the complication of ADHD:


ADHD is a condition where kids get hyper or they feel that they are not getting the right attention from their parents. There is a specific behavioral symptom which the children exhibit. Till now the reason why kids get this ADHD disorder is not yet identified. The research for the cause of this disorder is still being done. However, few factors which may lead to this disorder could be the environment where the child stays or the problems with the nervous system. It may be also due to genetics. The most important thing is not how the kid got it but how to cure it. Adderall drug is most recommended drug by the doctors. This drug can be brought only on the doctor’s prescription. It is a brand name for medication which treats this disorder. It is a oral tablet which has to be consumed by the patient. Usually patients are advised to take one dose in early morning.As per the research it proved that patients who suffer from ADHD would not have sufficient dopamine which is actually a happy chemical.The more the level of dopamine in the body the happier the person would be.In case of patients who are suffering from ADHD the level of dopamine in the body is low which leads to depression and makes the patient feel low. They have mood swings and they also would not be able to focus on anything which they do. The drug helps in increasing the levels of dopamine which helps the patient be happy and maintain good mood.Its important to keep a check on the health after taking the drug. No doubt the drug has always helped the patients to overcome the disorder but it is important that it should be taken only on the prescription of the doctor.

diagnose ADHD in children

Let’s see the complications which patients have due to ADHD:

• Mostly the kids have low confidence and their self-esteem is very poor.
• They would not be able to interact with all comfortably.
• They avoid social gatherings
• Kids don’t participate in the school events.
• The moral of the kid is always low.


Maintaining a healthy life for the children is important as they are the future. ADHD is commonly seen in children in the age group from 3 yrs to 12 yrs. It is definitely curable. The disorder has to be detected and diagnosed at the early stage and proper treatment should be given.

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