Welcome To The Ocean view of Rusty Pelican Miami


From a dazzling cityscape to an amazing lean back, dining experience in a modern restaurant, lounge, and events. This is ideal to spend indoor-outdoor beautification of the waterside. It’s a modish updated landmark for water, sunset views, & taking your meal to experience.

Enjoying the serenity of rusty pelican miami is the modernized oceanview type of restaurant, lounge, and for your special events. A tropical destination for the community, VIP, and tourist spot, and provide an american food and plates of seafood.

What lounge and complimentary amenities?

New Roofs Expensive?

Treat your family and book a lounge to experience the elegance of miami nightlife. These are the specialty of the restaurant include:

  • Eclub– to unwind and enjoy delicious food facing the sunrise calm water and they all have the menu.
  • Private events
  • Special occasion
    • Special event menu
    • Hosted bar menu
    • Grand ballroom- a wide ballroom, providing the special guest with a scenic view and suitable space for the dance floor.
    • Biscayne room- spectacular balcony for guests to mingle.
    • Pelican Ballroom- for the grand event including service bard and cocktails.
    • Coral room- 928 square feet and chairs for 45 guests and good for a small gathering.
    • Vista terrace- tropical ocean cruise.

What entertainment outdoor events do they present?With the amazing experience at the Rusty Pelican with an active performance of events the prepare in the sparkling miami horizon are:

  • Exoctic of fire dancers
  • High energize music dance

What’s the positive effect of going to a dining, restaurant, and lounge?

Nowadays, people have posted online about traveling, relaxing, and cooking for themselves. Moreover, there some points why you have let yourself going to a restaurant or bar are:

  • It relieves stress. There is a time you need for a walk into a bar, chill and unwind yourself especially if you’re stressful. It helps to relieve depression and by recompressing when you feel amaze.
  • It Helps Social Engagement. Don’t be scared to put in place conversation with someone, you have to experience having pampering yourself. Making friends with relaxed places you can loosen up.
  • It brings you a new adventure. To have a trip and relax, you will visit more about different places, bars, cafes, and places around.
  • Eat some fresh foods. Eating in a restaurant is when you can get delicious fresh foods.

Cheers together with your friends at the bar. To relieve stress, like having a drink, interacting with meeting new people, comfort in your own style.

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