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Laughter, they say, is indeed the finest medicine, particularly in the realm of Telugu comedies. Picture yourself immersed in the world of new Telugu movies. Just picture yourself having a huge laugh while watching new comedy movies on the aha video platform.

Get set for a fun ride of laughter as we check out three awesome comedies that will definitely make you smile.

  1. Boys Hostel

“Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare,” also known as “Boys Hostel,” is a Kannada comedy film helmed by Nithin Krishnamurthy, showcasing emerging talents such as Prajwal BP, Manjunath Nayaka, Rakesh Rajkumar, Srivatsa, and Tejas Jayanna Urs.

The plot follows Ajith, a college student aspiring to be a filmmaker, residing in Thunga Boys Hostel. His friends often jest about his films lacking “story and structure.” However, one fateful night, just before exams, the hostel warden, Ramesh Kumar, tragically takes his own life, leaving behind a note blaming Ajith and his friends for his demise.

With no other recourse, Ajith and his companions decide to dispose of the body, leading to a series of comedic mishaps. Immerse yourself in the hilarity of Kannada cinema by streaming this film on aha.

  1. Intinti Ramayanam

“Intinti Ramayanam” portrays the lives of a middle-class family residing in a tranquil Telangana village. Rahul Ramakrishna, Navya Swamy, Naresh takes on pivotal roles in this narrative.

The plot of comedy movies Telugu takes an intriguing twist when a theft shakes the very foundation of this humble household. Ramulu, the family’s patriarch, finds himself at a crossroads, torn between pursuing the thief who has stolen something invaluable and addressing the suspicions now cast upon his own family members. These comedic Telugu films delve into the dynamics of relationships as they navigate through unforeseen challenges.

Intinti Ramayanam Movie Review : తెలంగాణ యాసలో వచ్చిన 'ఇంటింటి రామాయణం'  సినిమా ఎలా ఉంది?-intinti ramayanam ott review rahul ramakrishna naresh  navya swamy starrer intinti ramayanam movie review ...

  1. Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu

“Sathi Gani Rendu Ekuralu,” an Indian Telugu comedy-drama helmed by Abhinav Reddy Danda, features Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Mohana Sree, Vennela Kishore, and Raj Tirandasu in prominent roles.

The plot revolves around Sathi, an auto driver who unexpectedly inherits two acres of land, leading to a series of comedic and touching events. As Sathi grapples with challenges such as his daughter’s medical needs and the sarpanch’s interest in his land, the story takes unexpected turns.

These new comedy movies Telugu masterfully blend humour and heartfelt moments, depicting the highs and lows of Sathi’s life. With surprising revelations and a hint of intrigue, “Sathi Gani Rendu Ekuralu” offers an immersive and enjoyable cinematic journey available exclusively on aha.

Prepare for an uproarious ride as these three remarkable comedies are guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

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As we wrap up this journey filled with laughter, it’s evident that Telugu comedies hold a unique charm. These top comedy movies exemplify that humour transcends language barriers. They offer enjoyment to all. Excited for a joyous adventure?

Explore deep into the top selections now on aha video for a delightful fusion of laughter and comedy. Your entertainment experience is just a click away!

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