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It’s not hard to start a business! However, it isn’t easy to start a productive business after the first year!

The exploration suggests that companies that fail in the first year either do so because of a lack of responsibility on the part of business visionaries or because of the business philosophy exposed from the beginning.

No responsibility

The business visionary sets up a company but does not necessarily accept the idea, the subject, or the management and does not spend exactly his hours to guarantee that the company is a triumph. They may have run their own business because of the excess, but they would instead be employed in a massive association in an administrative situation. You regularly see companies in the Second Era whistling for comparative reasons. The first business visionary posterity does not have a similar responsibility or enthusiasm, and the business is facing a slow decline. If you do not keep the stock you offer or the administration you offer, this is impossible for your customers. It does not have to be the best product, and it just has to be the best product or administration in the region or market. If you are not sure that you do not trust the article or administration, change it until you do so.

Badly conceived idea from the beginning

Many companies are bound from the beginning. The business visionary is blinded by his thoughts and does not give in to common sense, and continues without adequately considering the business idea.

A pattern can open a bar when many are closed in a similar area. Unless it’s another idea in bars, then it’s a stretch that yours will succeed while the rest falls flat. So don’t think about any other region.

It is opening a store that sells CDs when the public that buys music puts their music online.

One way or another, the business visionary accepts that his business model is distinctive when shown that the idea does not work consistently.

At one point in the past, many farmers had to open the green. They accepted that they would get more money from the land in one course than from cultivation. Indeed, so many farmers opened the green that there were not enough customers.

Caution: Do not expect to receive excellent corporate advice from legal counsel and accountants. You are not paid to guide positive or negative thinking, and you generally benefit from whether your business is a triumph or a flat fall.

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