Learning More About Heat Pump Maintenance And Repair


Your heating system will not work without a heat pump. This is something that you may take for granted most of the time. But if you consider heat pump service, these companies have experts who can repair, replace, and maintain your heat pump system. If you want to know the obvious reasons to call for heat pump service, then read on.

Noise or Clicking Sounds

Some heating systems make strange sounds or click. Remember that some heat pumps need to be defrosted manually. After the system defrosts, a heat mode switch happens and the system will turn on the outdoor fan again. So if the system stays in defrost for more than 5 to 10 minutes or it doesn’t melt the ice from the coil, you need to call for heat pump service.

Ice On Coil

Having ice form on the outside of the heat pump while it is in heat mode is usually not a big deal. It is often a normal occurrence of how heat pumps work. However, if the ice builds up, gets in the way of moving parts, or doesn’t melt on its own, then the system may need to be checked.

Practical Benefits

Reduced Air Flow

A heat pump must have a steady flow of clean air. Moving air keeps your house at a steady temperature. If you’ve noticed that the airflow is getting less, get it checked by an expert to find out why. Remember that the heat pump might not work due to ice buildup, dust, or other factors.

Older Heat Pump

Even if you have the best heat pump, the quality of function that it gives becomes less as it gets older. Over time, a heat pump may start to break down more often than it did in the past. Over the years, a heat pump develops minor problems that need to be fixed as soon as they come up. So if you know that you have an old heat pump, be prepared to have more frequent technician visits until it totally breaks down and you replace it with a new one.

The above situations can lead to heat pump repair that can be complicated and costs a lot of money. That is why with a little bit of awareness on the signs, you can prevent further damage to your heat pump system. You can call in experts to take care of these minor problems before they turn into major ones.

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