How to pass drug tests for weeds- Save Yourself from Being Caught


Drug addicts often seek methods to pass a drug test. Passing drug test is not an easy task,especially with increasing technology where all tricks are caught.To pass a drug test and obtain negative results, one needs to understand the effects of intake drugs.

Best tricks to pass adrug test

When drug metabolism starts to take place in one’s blood, they race towards the vessels, even in the head, continuing its effect till the hairs. This is the process involved in the hair drug test. In a hair drug test, about 50-60 strands of hair are cut from the crown of the head to the bottom. Approximately 1 inch of hairs from chests, underarms or face is taken for a drug test. A hair drug test can give the results about intake of drugs months back. So this test is preferred by the specialists as there are least chances of any trickery. The best way to pass this test is to use shampoo to reduce your hairs’ toxin level regularly. It is suggested to use the best quality shampoo for this purpose as they are quick in their action and found to be much effective.

Types of tests

The saliva test is another technique used to detect the intake of drugs by a person. This test is of much prevalence due to its convenience. To pass this test, one must place the collection pad on their teeth and rub it across them instead of their gums. First, make the collection pad moist with the help of teeth and avoid touch with gums. Then, one must act the movement and move the pad across teeth. Once it is moist, one must leave the pad between cheek and gum and then hold it between your teeth. This method is considered to be the best method to pass a saliva drug test.

So with few tricks, one may know how to pass drug tests for weed though it is illegal in many states.

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