How A Good Payroll System Singapore Can Help You Process Payroll Data Like Never Before


HR payroll system is a process by which employees receive their salary. Payroll structures differ organisation to organisation. Payroll systems are complex; they involve a lot of balancing and reconciling of payroll data. You have to report to the tax department with all the relevant data. Also, it is the duty of the payroll department to keep the record wages, salaries and all the deductions. To do it manually in this age is virtually impossible. A good Payroll system singapore can make your life easier.

Anatomy of efficient Payroll software

Efficient payroll management software should save you at least 80 of your time. If you take 10 minutes to process the salary of an individual; with the automated and AI-based payroll management software, you should be able to do it within 2 minutes.  It should have a separate section for processing the data of freelancers and full-timers. It should be compatible with all the popular bank and accounting software. And the data processed by the payroll system singapore should align with all the government regulations and taxation norms.

payroll system singapore

Customization and adaptability

The utility of payroll software is directly proportionate to the flexibility it offers. An HR payroll management software which offers the flexibility of manual work and efficiency of automated software is what every professional is looking for. The Software must offer the flexibility to customize payslips at any point in time, and the payslips should be compliant. The automation should be very adjustable, the software should be able to adjust any situation automatically and process the data accordingly. When it comes to human resource everything just doesn’t happen on the first day of the month. There will be mid-month hires, resignations and unpaid leaves. The payroll outsourcingshould be able to adapt these situations very efficiently and process the payroll accordingly.

Contract management

Contract management is one of the most crucial features of every HR payroll management software;as no organisation just can survive or work with just its full-time employees. There will always be tasks that have to be get done with the contractors. And it is obvious that their payment will also be on a project by project basis. That’s when the feature of contract management comes into the play. First of all,corporate services provider should focus on the efficiency of contract management feature. They must full range of pay items from addition-deduction to reimbursement. As more often than not companies offering accounting solutions miss out on some very practical features which almost make their services unaffordable to run for any organisation. At the end of the day, every organisation which is paying a big chunk of money is looking for a comprehensive solution in one place.


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