Dog Grooming: Professional Groomer vs DIY


A lot of animals like to get a professional groom every now and then. That’s a good thing, as it helps them stay healthy, clean, and happy. It’s also important for your sanity because you’ll have less work to do in the long run if you regularly give your pet a good scrub. DIY is great when done correctly, but having Dog grooming Miami groom your animal is worth the investment for better results. If you can afford it, sign up for a professional Pet grooming Downtown Miami once or twice per week. If you don’t want to fork out the cash, invest in some scissors and a mirror to get started on your own.

Skin Care

If your pet’s coat is dirty, remove it. You should be able to see the skin underneath, and the dirt might be damaging their health. If your pet has a longer coat that gets matted, remove it to ensure that they are clean beneath. Make sure you’re using a lotion to follow up if you pull out all of their fur, as this will prevent any problems with their skin while they groom themselves back into shape.

Dog Groomers

Body Groom

After you’ve cleared out your pet’s coat, use clippers to trim excess hair from their body. Dog hair gets everywhere and nobody likes it, so make sure to keep them clean and tidy by regularly trimming the fur from their paws, belly, legs, tail, and face (if applicable). After you’re done with that, use scissors for smaller jobs like their ears and feet.

Fur Trimming

You should have already removed the excess fur from around your pet’s body like Pet grooming Downtown Miami does, but it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t shave them too short. You want to trim their fur as opposed to shaving it off entirely so that they won’t get irritated. If you don’t want to make regular visits to the groomer, use a clipper guard with fine teeth to trim their hair instead of taking it all off.


Use a comb to get rid of any twigs, leaves and other debris that may be sticking out of their fur. You should be able to see their skin underneath, so make sure you’re using a lotion or conditioner that will help keep their skin healthy or take it to Dog grooming Miami. Once you’re done, let them have some time to stretch their legs before you go back over the same area with another comb (or brush).


You’ve already trimmed all the hair and ensured that your pet’s skin is healthy, so now it’s time to condition them. Use a conditioning lotion or conditioner and brush their fur to make sure that everything is nice and smooth. You can also use some wax if you want to add some character to your pet’s appearance.

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