Dog Grooming: Professional Groomer vs DIY


A lot of animals like to get a professional groom every now and then. That’s a good thing, as it helps them stay healthy, clean, and happy. It’s also important for your sanity because you’ll have less work to do in the long run if you regularly give your pet a good scrub. DIY is great when done correctly, but having Dog grooming Miami groom your animal is worth the investment...

Why has your cat become aggressive?


It’s one of the reasons we adore them so much that they can be a little crazy at times. You may question, “why does your cat attack me?” if they attack you frequently (or if they’ve injured your feelings). Is your cat trying to attack you? If you’re baffled as to why your cat keeps attacking you, remember that there is a slew of probable explanations. It’s not...

Alison Parker